The iPad is a sweeping product that many people love to use for its portability and long battery life. The product's battery life, in particular, is an amazing accomplishment. Electronic manufacturers have long struggled to keep up with Apple's long battery life. Most iPad products have a battery life of approximately 10 hours, but some users may notice a decrease in this estimate, which is normal to experience. If the iPad is being used heavily, the battery life may last for slightly less than 10 hours.

Heavy usage would be considered streaming television programs, watching movies, or running multiple applications at the same time. For example, someone who has just charged their iPad to its full capacity might begin watching episodes of the popular television show, Doctor Who. The episodes run for approximately 75 minutes. The viewer can expect to watch roughly 7 of these episodes before the device dies and needs to be recharged. This means that the device will run for approximately 9 hours instead of its usual 10 hour lifespan, which is perfectly normal for Apple products.


There are some ways that iPad users can conserve the amount of battery life of their device. The first tip is to change the device's brightness. The iPad, like most cell phones and some laptops, includes an adjustable brightness feature for its users. The user can assess this feature through the device's settings. The lower brightness level can conserve the device's amount of energy output resulting in a longer battery time period. Some users even prefer reading or playing certain games with a lower adjusted brightness level.

Some features can be turned off temporarily to increase battery power. Some of these features include GPS, background application automatic refresh, Bluetooth, 3G/4G reception, and push notification. In many cases, the iPad user is only using their device when they are at home and accessing their personal WiFi. There is no need to have 3G/4G receptors turned on, and temporarily shutting off this data connection will not deter the device's usability in the least. All of the aforementioned features can be turned off or adjusted by the user to conserve battery life.

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